Racers for Pacers has been wonderful for my daughter, Katherine. The wind thru her hair, new sights, and the high energy level makes her happy. Thank you, Racers for Pacers.
–Lynn Moore

walker-testimonial-imageRacers for Pacers offers Noah a chance to get out and feel the wind in his hair. My husband runs with Noah, so it provides a wonderful bonding opportunity that wouldn’t exist without the running chair that Noah has been provided.They get to get away from the daily grind and enjoy one another’s company in the outdoors, and Noah loves the stimulation it provides for him. We couldn’t be more thankful to be beneficiaries of this awesome program!
–Melody Walker

KatieandBrookeYou can tell Brooke loves her running chair by the huge grin on her face. She truly enjoys the wind in her face. After running Brooke is so peaceful and relaxed.
–Kristi Young

Dori, age 5, has been involved with Racers for Pacers for over a year. She LOVES it!! She gets to be pushed in a super fancy run chair and feel the breeze! No matter what her mood is prior to the run, she always returns with a smile and happy squealing sounds! As it can be difficult to really know the opinions from a non-verbal child, when Dori sees her pacer, she reaches high up to hug him and begins to open/close her fist, which is her “sign” for “more”. It’s as if she’s saying “more run chair, more run chair” every time she sees her runner! That is confirmation enough for me to know how much she is benefitting from this experience. We are truly grateful for the ability for Dori to be involved with Racers for Pacers!  Going to the run events is amazing– being part of a group where she can belong!  Everyone cheers her on (and her pacer, of course) as they cross the finish line…it gives me goose bumps! There are so many children that could benefit from this program…I hope many more children have the opportunity to participate.
–Whitney Refreafler
Why Support Racers For Pacers?

"I posted a note on the Racers for Pacers page on Facebook, but I wanted to follow up with a personal Thank You! Tristan absolutely loves his new "racing wheels". It arrived one day last week while he was in school. I was able to put it together for him before I caught a flight out that day. His nanny told him there was a surprise waiting on him when he got home and he said "I hope its BLUE". So, even the color was perfect! We ran together this past weekend for the first time and he is hooked on it. My legs may be sore from him saying "go FASTER" over and over but seeing the smile on his face is worth any amount of pain.

I just wanted to again say thank you for reaching out to our family. Being the parent of a child with disabilities is not easy. Your assistance and compassion for this great cause is very much appreciated! My goal is to get back in great shape and ready to run a race with Tristan soon." —Jonathan Smith